Bri Tobin is a cross-disciplinary artist with a passion for building innovative worlds and characters. Her work explores the intersection of textiles with traditional mediums and seeks to elevate the presence of costume within digital media. She honors the "old" — ancient techniques like weaving, and mythologies from all over the world — and infuses them with contemporary ideas and questions. 


In 2015 Bri debuted a partner exhibition (Dawn Over Dusk: Singapuraexploring some of these themes at the Oesterle Gallery in Naperville, IL. She later branched out into costume and scenic design for the stage, as well as creative direction for all medias.

A Chicago native, Bri has designed in Dallas, New York, and Singapore. She is the 2018 Recipient of The Taubman Scholarship for Excellence in Graduate Stage Design and the 2020 Recipient of The Bill and Jean Eckart Award in Design. Bri received her MFA in Design from the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU.

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